A transformational coaching program focused on developing exceptional leaders who embody a coaching mindset.

Transform Yourself. Transform the World.
Whether you are a leader or consultant looking to better serve your clients through coaching tools, are Coaching as a stand-alone career, or are simply looking to facilitate your own personal growth, we believe you can increase your impact by joining a program at Yes, And. We are a first-of-its-kind life and leadership coaching institute which aims to develop and elevate individuals who have a strong desire to make an impact and level up their coaching or facilitation skills.

We Invite You...

to join us for Yes, And Coaching Institute's programs, mentoring and workshops.

Our ICF-certified programs, led by experienced and accredited Coaches and thought leaders, helps you set the STAGE for making real-world impact. You'll be introduced to a set of researched and time-tested tools and experience a shift in perspective that will empower you to make a difference in your own life and for those you coach.

The Yes, And Advantage

We believe that coaching is more than just a “thing” you do to someone else. It’s an internal shift in how you view the world and the way you interact with it. That’s why we go beyond the traditional training programs to help you develop the awareness and insights needed to BE a coach. We are as dedicated to your personal growth and development as we are to helping you develop a mastery of coaching.

Art and Science

Our program combines the art of Applied Improvisation and the sciences of Positive Psychology, Strengths-Based Coaching, experiential learning and neuroscience to develop Coaches that embody a coaching mindset. You'll learn to listen deeply, get creative, co-create relationships and be present  in the moment with your clients - enabling you to expertly handle the spontaneous nature of coaching.

Tools and Mindset Shifts

We'll help you develop a thorough understanding of evidence-informed concepts and modalities, and help you develop the shift in perspective that enables you to successfully implement these strategies with your clients or in your work and life.

Training and Preparation

In addition to building and practicing fundamental skills that build your confidence in facilitating the Coaching process, participants will also have the opportunity to experience and integrate their learning through peer and instructor interactions.

The Yes, And Model

Setting the Stage for a safe container for sharing

Targeting what the client is bringing to the session and why it is important to them.

Active Listening for words and meaning and for what is NOT being said.

Generative Conversations that lead to an understanding than could not have been created individually.

Engage the client in finding creative and resourceful solutions.

Is Yes, And Right for You?

The Yes, And Coaching Institute's programs are designed for the accomplished professional who seeks mastery of the best, evidence-based coaching tools as a means to discover their own greatness - and help others do the same. The ideal candidate:

  • Desires to make an impact on the world through Coaching 
  • Values evidence-based research and scientific theory (Positive Psychology, Neuroscience) over quick and easy fads 
  • Thrives in an experiential learning environment and is committed to contributing to learning of a peer group by showing up consistently and sharing
  • Realizes that transformational coaching is a creative process and wants to build their creativity and presence 
  • Is dedicated to adopting an abundance and strengths-based mindset 
  • Is grounded in the belief that personal and professional development are fundamentally connected 

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