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Improv Your Coaching Skills - 3 Week Workshop

Wednesdays. June 14, 21, 28, 2023 6pm - 9pm EDT

Course Summary

Wednesdays, 6pm – 9pm ET

Join us for this 3 Week Workshop

Live Class Dates

June 14th, 21th, 28th, 2023
Live via Zoom

  • Earn CCE's from the International Coach Federation
  • 6.5 Core Comptency CCE's
  • 3.5 Resource Development CCE's

Course Description

Coaching and Improv have a lot in common. As a coach, we are required to listen deeply, get creative, maintain presence and partner with clients. There is no script, no way of knowing what our client will say next or what direction the session will take. We know the “what” as in what do we need to do to be a great coach, This highly experiential 3 week workshop will give you the “how” by introducing the tools and skills that actors and improvisors use for success.   This modality is not performance based but skills based and is called Applied Improvisation. These creative tools are being used in business and leadership applications, change management and communication and even being taught to medical students and in MBA programs to help enhance resilience, flexibility and presence.  

Through lessons activities and debriefs, the participants will experience how Applied Improv activities can add to their skills as a coach. For new coaches, this training can teach you to “dance in the moment” For experienced coaches, this new way of looking at familiar skills will take their coaching to an even more creative level.   This program is delivered live online through Zoom.   

Learning Objectives

Through lessons, activities and debriefs, the participants will experience how Applied Improv activities can enhance their skills as a coach.  

The focus will be on 3 areas:  

1. Listens Actively -- . Improv is completely unscripted. The next line is created by listening carefully to the previous line. There can be no pre-planning or thinking ahead.  

2. Maintains Presence. No one leads an improv scene or knows where the scene will go. They follow together, each simultaneously following the other's lead. This requires being absolutely present and giving up control in favor of co-creating the scene together.  

3.Embodies a Coaching Mindset--Rather than coming up with a quick solution or resolution, partners use the improv tenets of "Yes And " and "Accept the given circumstances" to dig deeper into the scene and take it to a place that may be very different than the original thought starter. Having a Yes And Mindset allows coaches to suspend judgement and allow the process to unfold while remaining open to unforeseen outcomes.   

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