Meet Our Alumni: Inaugural Cohort

Ursula Adams, ACC, MSc
Leadership & Organizational Development
Ford Motor Company IT

"I entered the Yes, And program knowing I wanted to take my coaching practice to the next level with an ICF certification. I finished the program not only prepared for the certification exam, but also filled with gratitude for the experience, the learnings, and a new network of inspired and inspiring fellow Coaches."

Dadrien Barnes
Learning & Development
Boom Supersonic

“I learned three important lessons from the Yes, And coaching program: trust your gut, celebrate progress over perfection, and remember that listening involves more than just your ears."

Gordon Brode, MSOD
Director of Organization Development
One Spirit Learning Alliance

“As expected, the coaching skills I’ve honed at Yes, And have prepared me well for this field, but my big surprise was a deeper curriculum: becoming a coach requires a deeper exploration of self. How could I be of service to others if I haven’t surveyed my own landscape?"

M. Leigh Burger
Principal Customer Success Manager

The Yes, And program taught me how incredibly important it is to maintain balance. Coaching is a giving practice. I must maintain balance in my life if I am to show up as a well-balanced Coach.

Christina Chateauvert, ACC, PhD 
Senior Manager, People & Employee Experience
Insurance Industry

My original goal when joining the Yes, And program was to learn how to ask better questions. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become a certified Coach. And that was okay. My decision has since changed but know that regardless of your outcome, you will feel supported along the way.

Barbara Gamm
Global Learning Strategist, Offices of the General Counsel
Ford Motor Company

“I was thrilled to be selected by Yes, And Coaching Institute as a student in their first cohort. The thoughtful approach, philosophy and professionalism was especially appealing, and the experience has had a profound impact on my desire to add coaching to my offerings.”

Angela Hollander
Manager of Quality, Learning & Development
Iris Healthcare

Lauren McBride 
Strategy & Operations Manager
Nonprofit / Philanthropy

“I was worried I wasn't 'qualified' to be a coach because I didn't have any HR or L&D experience, but I learned that so much of coaching is helping the client hear their own voice. I also learned that everyone has different coaching styles, and mine is unique as a result of my background and experience.”

Danielle M. Sligh
Director, Inclusive Diversity & Equity Allstate Insurance Company

“Taking this course is an investment in yourself. I have applied the skills learned in this course in my personal and professional interactions, and have seen real results because of it. The concept of coaching isn’t new to me, but this course has sharpened my skill set and prepared me to be more effective as a strategic HR professional.”